“I tried learning guitar from a book and found it really difficult and uninspiring, but Owen puts things in a way that makes things easier, and a lot more fun.” 

Miles Adams, 12 years, Horsforth 

“Owen is the perfect teacher for my son. He’s been teaching Harvey for over 2 years and we’ve seen him progress at an impressive rate. He is always playing his guitar and has new songs he is learning or wants to learn. Owen has been inspirational!” 

Maxine Douglas, parent of Harvey, Scholes 

“I’ve been playing guitar for a few years, but recently I’ve found that I wasn’t progressing. Owen changed all that by helping to expand my knowledge and understanding of music in a way that was much more interesting than I’d anticipated. What a nice lad he is too.” 

Lawrence Caldicot, 48 years, Chapel Allerton 

“Owen has really helped me develop into a confident and competent guitarist. He was more than happy to teach me the songs that I wanted to learn, in a way that was always suitable and reflective of what level I was, gradually making the songs more challenging and interesting. When we started I was a complete beginner, now I’m in a band and playing gigs!” 

Georgina Grant, 15 years, Headingley 

“5 years on and Jacob is still really enjoying his guitar lessons with Owen. Even though Jacob doesn’t practice as much as he should (!), it never effects Owen’s enthusiasm and patience in teaching him.” 

Dee Ziff, parent, Roundhay 

“I thought I’d give guitar lessons a go and was recommended Owen as a teacher. 4 years on and I still love the lessons! The songs and materials he uses are really fun to play and have really increased my love of music as well as improving my playing.” 

Nick Smith, retired, West Park 

“Owen has taught me for 6 years now and the lessons are still as fun and challenging now as they were when we started. He has increased not only my confidence and motivation but has been central to me starting a music degree at Leeds Music College.” 

Eric Lock, 18 years, Pudsey 

“My daughter used to find her old lessons boring and formulaic, Owen uses methods and material relevant to the people he teaches. He is a patient and conscientious teacher, and has a great manner, and doesn’t go mad if she hasn’t had time to practice!” 

Sian Vik, parent of Lowri, Horsforth 

“My work schedule changes from week to week and Owen is very good about arranging when our lessons are. The flexibility with this as well as the songs and material we do is brilliant. 

Jane, 35 years, Rothwell 

“Owen has worked brilliantly with the students at the school. His positive attitude, professionalism and rapport with the students has helped them to make great progress in Music.” 

Barrie McCardle, Head of Music at Queensbury School, Bradford 

“Owen has this amazing ability to motivate students into wanting to learn. News travelled fast in the school and soon lots of students wanted to learn guitar. The results his students achieved at GCSE were very impressive, and I’m sure are a reflection of the progress they made with Owen.” 

Tom Howells, Head of Music at Belle Vue Girls School, Bradford