My lessons are aimed at both beginners and more experienced players wishing to progress their playing further, and they are suitable for all ages. I tailor lessons specifically for your tastes, ability, and the time that you have available. My aim is to help you to learn in a way that works for you.

Learning Songs

Learning your favourite songs is a great way to understand more about music. It’s how the vast majority of our favourite players have learned and it forms the backbone of my teaching content.

Your mastery of techniques such as picking, strumming and playing chords can develop simply by learning songs that you like. If a song is a little too tricky, then I can simplify it and have you playing your favourite songs in no time! I can also prepare easy-to-follow tab sheets so that you are able to continue practising once you are at home.


I’m a bit of a theory nerd and I love teaching it! I have a Jazz degree from Leeds College of Music and a wide knowledge of scales, chords, keys, rhythm reading etc.

I believe it’s important to have a well-rounded knowledge of the guitar and of the music you’re playing. With that in mind, I aim to gradually expand your knowledge of the fret board, notes and chords, all of which will be relevant to the style of music you’re into and the level at which you’re playing.


I have an extensive collection of songs to choose from: from oldies to more contemporary chart hits; from classic rock and heavy metal to acoustic guitar, funk, country, blues, and pop – you name it, I've taught it! I’m sure that you will find something in my collection that will appeal to you.


Making it fun

Learning to play the guitar is challenging, but it's my philosophy that learning is easier if the process is fun. I make every effort to ensure that my lessons are as enjoyable and relaxed as possible and I pride myself on the fact that I have a high student retention rate.

Get in touch!

If you live in the Leeds area and want an experienced, fully CRB/DBS-checked teacher to help you learn guitar or bass and have the most fun doing it, please get in touch on 07818 444935 or visit my contact page.