Bass Lessons

My bass lessons are suitable for anyone from complete beginners to those who think they may be stuck in a rut and need some help progressing. I teach students of all ages, and my bass lessons are customised for your musical tastes, your level of ability and the time that you have available for practice and for lessons. What I aim to do at every step is to help you learn bass in a way that suits YOU.

All I want to do is learn songs, is that okay with you?

Yes, absolutely! I can guarantee this is the way most of your favourite bass players would have learned, and this was certainly my preferred approach when I started playing.

Your understanding of techniques such as alternate picking, finger-style and fretting can develop simply by learning the bass-lines to songs you like. If a bass-line is a little too difficult for you to play at first, then I can simplify it and have you jamming along in no time. Similarly, if you find a bass-line a little too simplistic, then I can always find ways of making it more challenging.

Many of my students turn up for lessons and ask me to teach them how to play specific songs that they would like to learn. Using some nifty software in combination with my ability to learn songs on the spot, I can teach you the bass-line and all of the techniques that you need to play the song right there and then. During the course of the lesson, I will prepare a straightforward bass tab sheet to enable you to continue practising after the lesson.

I want to learn scales and music theory, is that something you can teach me?

Yes, that’s great! My Music degree from Leeds College of Music has given me all of the knowledge of music theory that I need to be able pass on to you. I think that it would be beneficial for you to gain understanding of the bass and its place within music as a whole.

With this in mind, I will gradually help you to expand your knowledge of the fret board, notes, basic scales, arpeggios and their shapes and patterns, as well as the concept of keys. These are all things which will be relevant to you regardless of the style of music you like, or your current level of ability.

I’m not sure what I want to learn, can you help?

Yes, I will certainly be able to formulate a lesson plan with that in mind.

I have an extensive collection of songs in my repertoire, ranging from oldies to chart hits, to classic rock to heavy metal, in addition to acoustic, pop, funk and blues. Whatever kind of music you’re into, you can be almost certain that you’ll find something in my collection to suit your taste.

Bass lessons should be fun!

Learning to play bass is far from easy, and I do my utmost to ensure that every lesson presents a new challenge. I just think that as long as you’re enjoying yourself while you’re learning, then it will be much easier for you to progress as a player because it’ll be fun!

I strive to make my lessons as relaxed and as fun as possible, and I believe that my high student retention rate is testament to the success of this endeavour. If you would like to see what my students of both past and present have to say about me and my teaching, please visit to my Testimonials page.

Get in touch

If you live in the Leeds or Bradford area and want an experienced, fully CRB/DBS-checked teacher to help you learn bass and have a lot of fun doing it, please get in touch on 07818 444935 or visit my contact page.

Take it from me, you really CAN play bass!